Frater is an international auxiliary language created by the Vietnamese Pham Xuan Thai and published in Saigon in 1957. The grammar of Frater, that can be reduced to 12 basic rules, is completely isolating, thus having the character of some Asiatic languages such as Vietnamese, Chinese or Malaysian. In Frater, there is neither article, nor flexion, nor affix, nor any concord. The noun, the adjective, the verb and the adverb have the same root and are distinguished only by a rigid word order. Vocabulary is taken from Latin and Greek roots internationally recognizable, with some elements from English, German, Spanish or Russe, allowing a rapid learning. From 1000 basic roots you can create any word by a specific method of derivation. The pronunciation is simple and the stress is regular.

The purpose of this site is to develop interest in Frater and promote its use in the whole world. Here you will find everything you need to learn the language.

Title page of the book by Pham Xuan Thai, published in 1957.

We are working to expand the Frater vocabulary. You can collaborate with us by suggesting new words or sending us your own translations.

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